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We are a home gadget store! Our store specializes in hard-to-find products for your home, including kitchen tools, and household items. We have something for every family member! We hope to make your furniture life more convenient and happy through our products!

Our Happy Customers


Great little vacuum!!!
It’s exactly what I needed. Small and compact. Picks up all the little pieces I leave behind. It gets the work done. I bought it for my husband. He loves it! We all love this vacuum so much, it's so handy!I


This juice extractor was easy to operate and clean. I juiced 8 lemons in less than 20 minutes .The spout did not leak.I was so happy with the results and the ease of the product.Definitely happy with my purchase, and plan to recommend this to friends.


This little bugger makes eggs perfectly in the poaching tray. Just beat two eggs with a tablespoon of cream cheese, some bacon bits and a tablespoon or so of shredded cheese. Makes three perfect egg bites. I love love love this thing. It's tiny and takes up very little space on my kitchen counter.


Amazing tools! I was about ready to stop drinking one of my favorite wines because they still use actual cork for their stoppers.They were a pain to get out and would tear apart. This cork remover works great. It is so much easier than a cork screw type. Now my wife can even open them!