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Free Shipping On All Orders

Stainless Steel Egg Opener Scissors

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SKU 47295676-a
Color: A
  • Creative Design Eggshell Opener : Fish-shaped appearance ,double leaf Tray ,stable to hold the egg and let the egg not fall easily ,open the egg easily without falling off the shell .
  • Easily Opening : Quickly open eggs not dirty hands,two cones of cones into the eggshell ,separate ,can separate the perfect eggshe
  • Labor Saving : Leverage principle ,saving time and effort , more efficient when opening eggs ,much faster than traditional way.
  • Materials : Made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel ,it is not easy to rust ,durable and safe . easy to clean and longer service life.
  • Perfect for All Sizes :Quail egg & Poached egg opener : Perfect for All Size Eggs, also used on raw, hard boiled egg, or raw eggs for baking & egg cooker.